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Install PokeDetector Pokemon Notification App for Pokemon Go

I know that your craze of playing Pokemon Go has not yet cooled down. And why should it be, nobody hasn’t yet tired of playing this game and that is why new tweaks and hacks are being developed for Pokemon Go. PokeDetector is a tweak recently developed that gives the nearby pokemon notification whenever there is […]

Pokémon Go Cheats, Tips and Tricks, How to Master

The famous Pokemon cartoons and now Pokemon Go! The game everyone is talking about after the massive launch in UK and Britain and now it’s everywhere. The Craze of this game has swept the whole world and from excitable children adults and even business workers everyone is pointing their smartphone on street corners, Gardens and […]

Walking Hack Pokemon Go (Tutuapp) without Jailbreak

With the release of the record breaking Pokemon Go. Many coders and programmers made hacks for Pokemon Go because because Naintec put some restriction at the early ages of this game. Like the game was unable to download and play on jailbroken iOS phones. But now this restriction has been removed. Now as you all know […]

Pokemon Go 0.57.2/1.27.2 Hack [Tutuapp]

The game that is driving people’s addiction enormously is now updated again. Pokemon Go 0.57.2 and Pokemon Go 1.27.2 version is available to update for both Android and iOS. 0.39.0 is for android version and 1.9.0 is for iOS version. The game just received this update and I am here to tell you that how to download […]

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